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Hays Companies is an insurance broker that had been successfully operating for over 20 years without a clear brand strategy or marketing plan. As we began the project of refreshing their logo and collateral, we realized it was critical to help their employee base and their clients understand why the Hays brand was undergoing the change and what the brand was going to stand for. At the Hays National Sales Meeting, the new brand, logo and tagline were unveiled using this video.


  • Unveil the new Hays logo and tagline
  • Showcase the new brand voice as reliable and credible, but with an approachable bent
  • Illustrate that the new brand would be a refreshing change in the insurance industry
  • Tell the story of why working with Hays is different – capture the essence of their business model
  • Build excitement for the new brand among employees so they are brand ambassadors


Since the client didn’t have many marketing materials, video or photos to use, we had to get creative with the content we could feature in the video. The music was also a critical component and had to have the proper flow and tempo with the words to maintain the brand integrity of reliability and credibility.


We decided the best approach for the video would be use of illustration art, info graphics and voice over with music. This allowed us to tell the updated story of Hays and showcase how their approach is differentiated in the industry yet unmistakably accountable. We commissioned an original score for the music so it would match the content of what was being seen on the screen – all building up to the excitement and unveiling of the new logo and tagline seen at the end.


The brand was successfully launched and employees were ecstatic about sharing the work with their clients as the new brand was deployed. Numerous requests for the video were received, and it was eventually posted on the new Hays website.